Apple released ARKit 1.5 in IOS 11.3

After Apple released ARKit, their own plugin for Augmented Reality last year in wwdc 2017, IOS became the world’s largest AR platform, it gives a new boost to Augmented Reality industry and now they have released ARKit 1.5  with IOS 11.3  which introduces several new features in existing plugin, In this blog I will get through all the top-rated features and their potential application   

Vertical Plane Detection

One of the most popular new features, In the previous version of ARkit we can only detect the horizontal plane, so it was limiting developers to place the virtual content on the ground. but now in ARkit 1.5 it is possible to place virtual elements on vertical surfaces

Parth Anand on youtube has a great tutorial on this click here  to know how to develop it

there are  numerous  applications of vertical plane detection such as Artist are using this to display their content and (ARTSY ) is using it to buy and sell their artworks and it can also be used to find whether a new television will fit into your room as it can be used to visualize TV on a real wall




Image Detection

If you ever used vuforia then you might know about this feature,yeah this is similar to vuforia’s planer image target detection feature in which you can detect pre-coded 2d images and place virtual content on them, but the approach to developing this feature is different from vuforia

Parth Anand has a great tutorial for developing image target in ARKit click here for the tutorial

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